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Amul Processed Cheese - Block, 1 kg Carton

About the Product

Amul Processed Cheese Block is manufactured from graded cow or buffalo milk using microbial rennet system. Being rich in Vitamin A, protein and calcium, it can enhance your regular diet manifold. Amul has carved a special niche for itself as the manufacturer and supplier of premium quality dairy items which are loaded with health benefits and delicious in taste. This cheese block too is quality checked and packaged with care so that there is no compromise on the quality or taste.

Amul Processed Cheese - Block, 1 kg Carton

  • Each pack contains cheese, Sodium citrate, common salt, citric acid, permitted natural color (Annatto) and Class II preservatives.

  • Amul processed cheese block is a rich source of energy. 1 kg block of it provides 3140 kcal of energy. It has 200 gm of protein. It also contains calcium- 14 gm, sodium- 3.43 gm and 510 mcg of vitamin A. All these mineral and vitamins are essential for our body.

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