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Dates - Kimia, with Seed, 1 pc (Approx. 400g - 500g)


Plump and fibrous, brownish-black coloured oval dates taste like honey and just melt in the mouth. Taiba dates are fleshy which are rich source of iron and a healthy snack. 

Dates - Kimia, with Seed, 1 pc (Approx. 400g - 500g)

  • Store them at room temperature, this will keep them well for a long time. Dates make for a quick and energetic snack. Crumbled and used in salads, oatmeal, desserts, juices and lassi or any nuts.

  • Dates are calorie rich and boosts the energy quickly. They fight against anaemia, cancer, etc. They are also good for joint pains, back pains, hearing, vision and sore throat.

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