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Muskmelon - Netted Small, 1 pc 550g-900g


Having a netlike/ reticulated skin covering, its a round melon with firm, orange, moderately sweet flesh and a thin, reticulated, light-grey rind. 

Muskmelon - Netted Small, 1 pc 550g-900g

  • Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Cut and serve chilled muskmelons.
    Muskmelons can be eaten fresh. They are used in making fruit salads, custard, milkshakes, juices and lassi. Mix, chop or mash muskmelons with sugar and cardamom powder.

    Wash, dry and roast the muskmelon seeds to make a crispy, healthy snack. Spread these seeds in breads, buns and sandwiches

  • Muskmelons have cooling properties. They are good for skin and help in weight loss. Also cures constipation, bladder infections and fatigue. 
    Folic acid, which is essential for pregnant women to prevent natural defects in the foetus is abundantly present in musk melon. Good source of vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber. 

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