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Nestea Iced Tea - Lemon, 400 g Pouch

About the Product

When you think of instant iced tea, the first name that comes to the mind is the Nestea Iced Lemon Tea. The flavour is awesome; and this zesty drink is quite refreshing on a sultry summer day. Keep a pitcher handy for your guests who have been complaining about the sweaty summers! The refreshing twist of lemon flavour makes it even more appealing.

Nestea Iced Tea - Lemon, 400 g Pouch

  • The iced lemon tea contains sugar, tea extracts and refreshing bursts of lemon flavour along with food acids.

  • One glass of Nestea Iced Lemon tea helps in fulfilling 80% of your body's daily requirement of Vitamin C. Vitmain C is crucial for a robust immunity system.

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