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Tropicana Fruit Juice - Delight, Guava, 1 L

About the Product

Savour the smooth and sweet taste of guavas! A special 6-layer protection gives you the goodness of tasty, ready to serve fruit beverage in every glass of Tropicana. Did You Know? Also known as Apple of the Tropics, Guava originated in South America. Luscious and delicious, it is tasty and refreshing.

Tropicana Fruit Juice - Delight, Guava, 1 L

  • • Water, Guava Pulp, Sugar (13.8%), Acidity Regulator(330), Antioxidant(300).• No artificial flavouring.• No added preservative.• Contains Guava Pulp 20%.

  • Energy 60 kcal,Total Carbohydrate 15 g,of which Sugars 15 g,Protein 0.1 g,Total Fat 0 g,Saturated Fat 0 g,Trans Fat 0 g,Sodium 7 mg,Potassium 13 mg

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